Monday, 23 January 2012

My trees on display at Noelanders 13

I was very fortunate to have 2 trees accepted for display at the 13th Noelanders Trophy.

The displays were transported, set up, and returned to Blighty by Peter Warren, Peter Snart & John Armitage.
These guys took 15 displays to Noelanders on behalf of  UK enthusiasts, and I've got to say they made a cracking job of setting everything up.
Anyhoo the pictures of my trees, I hope you enjoy them:

 Juniper Kishu display
 Ilex Serrata accent tree to Juniper

 Acer Palmatum



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks very much Andy, I hope sales were good for you, your pots looked great.

  2. Congratulations John, your trees (and various jittas) are a credit to you mate. See ya soon bud!

    1. Cheers Si, it was a real buzz to see my trees displayed next to some incredible bonsai.
      See you at Swindon bud.

  3. Your displays did you proud John ...they looked even better in the flesh too. There were quite a few of your jiita to be seen on other folks displays too. Well done !
    Mark & Ritta

  4. Nice to see you at the show Mark & Ritta.
    Thanks very much I appreciate your comments.
    Thanks again for the calenders, mind blowing pictures of shohin trees....back to the drawing board.