Monday, 25 June 2012

Azalea Kozan 8 year progression

Here are a few pictures of the progression of one of my favourite bonsai.

I picked this Azalea Kozan up at Dai Ichi bonsai in 2004 it had been imported from Japan that year.

This is the tree as imported
In our club display at the BTA Don Valley show in September 2007.
Re-potted into a beige chinese unglazed pot...what was I thinking
On the water butt early 2008
On display at the Newstead 3 bonsai exhibition in 2008
And here we are in June 2012, these are the 2nd flush of blooms.

Peter Warren is here this week so I'll be asking him to tidy the ramification and check if a re-pot is required.
It may even be due for a Warren bashing, Peter recommends a heavy prune back into the branching every few years to re-generate internal budding.
The current goal is to increase the height of the crown and maintain the rest of the silhouette as much as is possible, whilst maintaining the health of the tree.
The current pot is a nicely ageing Yama aki oval...which needs a good clean...

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