Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Good old Royal Mail......never doubted them for a second

Oh yee of little faith I hear you cry.....
I posted the latest root stand off to Spain last Thursday afternoon and here are some pictures on Tuesday, (courtesy of Ramon), showing the stand basking in the Spanish sun.....ok, in a trial run for an exhibition on Friday.

Royal Mail have done me proud, never let it be said I am not a patriot....Royal Mail is still English isn't it ?

Anyhoo here the pictures kindly sent by Ramon:

Semi cascade Japanese Quince and informal upright Korean Hornbeam

Korean Hornbeam displayed on the English Oak ne taku shown in my last post

Many thanks to Ramon for taking the time to take and send the pictures to me. I hope the exhibition goes well on Friday and look forward to seeing more pictures.

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  1. John

    I am glad they served you well mate as they have let me down too many times bud

    Good to see your new work