Monday, 25 March 2013

Shohin UK event, 2013

I travelled to Bristol yesterday to the Shohin UK event and what an excellent show it was.
Here are a few pictures of trees and accents used in the exhibition:

Andy Jordan's Acer
Tracey Morten's Juniper
John Armitage's Juniper
Fern accent
John Pitt's Trident maple
Ian Stewardson's Juniper
Andy Jordan's Spindle ?
Fern accent
Andy Jordan's Zelkova ?
My white pine
Les Storey's Blackthorn
Fern accent
Duncan Hield's Boston Ivy
Simon & Gill's black pine
John Armitage's chojubai on rock
Reg Bolton's scroll displayed with his chuhin root on rock trident maple composition. Reg's r/o/r trident is shown below

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