Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting ready for an upcoming display

Corin Tomlinson at Greenwwod Bonsai Studio, has kindly offered my local club the chance to display some of our bonsai at the upcoming Bonsai Bash on September 7th & 8th.
Today I was busy cleaning and mossing two trees ready for displaying.
I took a few pictures to check that the display would work, and I'm quite happy with the results.

The 3 point display of Cotoneaster, cork bark Chinese Elm and accent.
Ideally the cascade stand could do with being taller and the ne taku under the Elm feels too small but I think everyone suffers from not having enough display stands.
Cotoneaster from garden plant.
I bought this plant from one of our annual club auctions for £5 around 8 years ago.
The tree still has a long way to go but the fruits add a nice autumnal feel to the display.
Cork bark Chinese Elm
Trunk & moss detail on the Cotoneaster


  1. Looking good Mr B, loving the combo. I know what you mean about stands though buddy. Must catch-up soon,


  2. Thanks Si, good to hear from you mate.
    A few of us will be up at the BTA event at Don Valley n Sheffield later this month if you're coming up.
    If not you ought to try for Noelanders next year, otherwise see you at the BSA at Willowbog or Swindon Winter Image...not long now !!