Monday, 7 November 2011

Pots by Bunzan

I recently purchased a new pot by the Japanese potter Bunzan.
This is the second of his pots that I own, I really like his work and the quirky glazing that he does works really well with deciduous trees, especially flowering and fruiting varieties.
Anyhoo enough of the babbling here are the pictures...

Diameter at top 167mm
Height                    55mm

Length at top 140mm
Width at top   117mm
Height              48mm

The bottom of the pot is stamped but isn't showing due to the glare of the camera flash.

I'll be planting these two pots up in the spring, I have a small oriental bittersweet that I'm going to try in the oval pot. I've not yet decided what to put in the circular pot.


  1. Excellent Pots John, just my cuppa Tea!!

  2. Hi Simon, good to hear from you bud.
    Yes they certainly catch the eye and are ideal for shohin displays.