Sunday, 27 November 2011

Some of my Shohin trees, displayed....funnily enough....on some of my stands !

I bought a few trees into the conservatory last night as gale force winds had been predicted.....I had to go to the pub and sink a few San Miguels to make sure that I would sleep ok !!

Anyhoo as I was taking pictures of some newly finished stands today I took the opportunity to take a few pics of the trees I'd bought in...nothing too fancy...I wiped the pots over but that was about it preparation wise.

Japanese Maple, this is in a Walsall pot at the moment, I'd repotted it in the spring as it had been struggling in a smaller pot. It's grown well this year so I'll leave it in this pot for a least another year.

Potentilla in Erin pot, the picture doesn't do the glaze justice.
Another Erin pot with a beautiful glaze, nice bit of wood underneath as well...................

Chinese Elm, the "rafted trunk" to the left is actually a cutting I introduced into the planting a few years ago. I've just bought a nice chinese green rectangle for spring re-potting.
This is a cracking little Chinese Elm I bought from Peter Warren, the left hand side of the tree has been re-grown as it had been damaged during import to the UK.
Peter has a great eye when buying trees, you should ask him to keep a look out for you if you fancy anything special.
Japanese White pine, purchased from and styled.....with Peter Warren !
I don't need to say anything really, I love where this tree is going...
Japanese Quince in a lovely Erin pot.
Tree purchased guessed it...Peter Warren

Hope you've enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy looking after them.

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  1. Good looking trees and stands buddy. Are you going to Swindon in Feb?