Saturday, 10 December 2011

More pots from Japan

Here are some more pots that I've purchased from Japan this year.

I'll be using some of them in the coming spring for waiting bonsai.

Size: 192mm x 144mm x 45mm
This pot is for one of the Chinese Elms shown in my last post.

Size: 132mmm x 103mm x 22mm
I have a small Zelkova broom developing that I hope to put into this pot in a couple of years.

Size: 114mm x 50mm
Nothing planned for this pot yet.....things may change though !

Size: 96mm x 40mm
Potter unknown
Possibly for use with the Ilex Serrata shown in my next post.

More glorious glazes, I don't always have a tree in mind to use with them, but with pots like these you just have to buy them.......don't you ?


  1. Cracking pots John, I'm in love.
    The second one is a corker!!
    Can't wait to see them planted up mate,
    Regards, Simon

  2. Thanks Simon, I can't resist a good glaze