Wednesday 28 September 2011

My next two projects

These 2 pieces of wood are the starting point for my next projects. I will post pictures of the finished articles when they are completed.


Width 230mm
Depth 125mm
Height  20mm

REF: BBS 28/09/11


Stand with accent planting
Stand with Bloodgrass
Stand with Japanese Quince

Please e mail me at if you are interested in buying this stand or any of the other stands shown on the site.

Tuesday 27 September 2011


Width 155mm
Depth 125mm
Height  32mm

REF: BBS 27/09/11


Please e mail me at if you are interested in buying this stand or any of the other stands shown on the

Monday 26 September 2011

Swindon Winter Image Show 2011

 I displayed my Ilex Serrata as part of our Ashfield Bonsai Club display at the 2011 Swindon Winter Image show.
This really is a show that you must get to see.
 Close up of my Ilex
Close up of the metal figure I used as part of the 3 point display.
I bidded for and won this from a Japanese dealer on e bay.

My trees displayed at "Shohin Off" the BSA event at Willowbog Bonsai Nursery 2011

 Oriental Bittersweet supplied by Peter Warren (Saruyama Bonsai)
 Overview of the Bittersweet
 Chuhin Kishu Juniper and Oriental Bittersweet in 3 point display
Kishu Juniper

Mark & Ritta Coopers superb Pyracantha

This is a picture of Mark & Ritta's Pyracantha from the BOBB 2011 show.
I had taken along this Oak root stand for them to look at, so we decided to try it out for size.
It's possibly a tad too small for the tree, but made a nice image all the same.

Oak root stand

My most recent stand.
This picture shows the starting material and finished root stand.


 Close up of the finished stand before staining.

 Used to display my Potentilla at our club show this month.

Mahogany root stand (ne-taku)

This root stand was commissioned by Mark & Ritta Cooper for use with their shohin displays.
It is made from mahogany hardwood.

Underside of the root stand (ne-taku)
(picture provided by Mark Cooper)

My oriental bittersweet on the stand for a photocall

One of my earlier stands

This is a mame ne-taku that I created from Hawthorn wood, it's one of the first stands that I made.

50mm top diameter, 65mm bottom diameter, 45mm high