This page has been added to showcase pictures of my stands in use,
I will add pictures as they become available

Maple ji ita and Mahogany ne taku by Bespoke Bonsai Stands in use with Andy Jordan's shohin display at Noelanders Trophy 2015

Picture kindly supplied by Andy Jordan

Juniper on root stand sits on Maple ji ita board

Picture kindly supplied by Andy Jordan
Sekka Hinoki on Mahogany ne taku

Picture kindly supplied by Andy Jordan

Mark & Ritta Coopers Pyracantha on a mahogany root stand
(picture kindly supplied by Mark Cooper)
John Armitages composition at the 2012 BSA show at Willowbog Bonsai nursery.
Sycamore ji ita
 John Armitages Chinese Elm on an Elm ji ita
Fiona Wallace's winter flowering Jasmine on root stand (ne taku)
My composition at the 2012 BSA show.
Hinoki on Oak ji ita board and Potentilla on Elm root stand
 Potentilla on Elm root stand and Oak ji ita
Morten Albeks Azalea on Mahogany root stand (ne taku)
(pictures kindly supplied by Morten Albek)
Ramon Pineda of Pavia Bonsai in Spain kindly supplied pictures of this 3 piece shohin display.
Japanese Quince and Korean Hornbeam
Close up of the Korean Hornbeam from the display shown above.
The Hornbeam sits on an Englih Oak ne taku (root stand)
Duncan Hields Berberis on Mahogany ne taku (root stand)

Wild Strawberry accent by John Armitage
Shohin Juniper on Sapele root stand at Capel Manor Autumn show

Cho jubai on rock displayed on Burr Elm root stand
Overview of burr detail

John Armitage's chojubai on cherry root stand

Amelia Williams Chinese Elm on Mahogany ne taku
Amelia Williams Korean Hornbeam on Maple ji ita
My Oriental Bittersweet on Blackwood rootstand
My Black pine on Blackwood rootstaand

 Chojubai on American black walnut root stand (ne taku)

Kath & Malcolm Hughes antique bronze dragon sits on a commissioned mahogany root stand
My chojubai on maple ji ita
My white pine on mahogany root stand (ne taku)
Burr elm root stand
My moss accent on walnut ji ita
John Armitage's itoigawa juniper on mahogany root stand
Andy Jordan's spindle on maple ji ita
Ian Stewardson's fern accent on maple ji ita

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