Sunday 27 November 2011

Some of my Shohin trees, displayed....funnily enough....on some of my stands !

I bought a few trees into the conservatory last night as gale force winds had been predicted.....I had to go to the pub and sink a few San Miguels to make sure that I would sleep ok !!

Anyhoo as I was taking pictures of some newly finished stands today I took the opportunity to take a few pics of the trees I'd bought in...nothing too fancy...I wiped the pots over but that was about it preparation wise.

Japanese Maple, this is in a Walsall pot at the moment, I'd repotted it in the spring as it had been struggling in a smaller pot. It's grown well this year so I'll leave it in this pot for a least another year.

Potentilla in Erin pot, the picture doesn't do the glaze justice.
Another Erin pot with a beautiful glaze, nice bit of wood underneath as well...................

Chinese Elm, the "rafted trunk" to the left is actually a cutting I introduced into the planting a few years ago. I've just bought a nice chinese green rectangle for spring re-potting.
This is a cracking little Chinese Elm I bought from Peter Warren, the left hand side of the tree has been re-grown as it had been damaged during import to the UK.
Peter has a great eye when buying trees, you should ask him to keep a look out for you if you fancy anything special.
Japanese White pine, purchased from and styled.....with Peter Warren !
I don't need to say anything really, I love where this tree is going...
Japanese Quince in a lovely Erin pot.
Tree purchased guessed it...Peter Warren

Hope you've enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy looking after them.


Please e mail me at if you are interested in buying this stand, or any of the other stands shown on the site.

2 piece ji ita board set (Oak wood)

REF: BBS 27/11/11


185mm x 160mm x 7mm (all sizes approximate)

100mm x 87mm x 6mm (all sizes approximate)

New ji ita

Here's another ji ita I've recently finished.
The idea of this board is to introduce additional movement to the piece being displayed.

This one's a keeper.....Mr Greedy I hear you shout !

I can make you one if you'd like, just e mail me for a price.

Made from Oak

Size: 262mm (to the tip) x 150mm x 5mm much for being a keeper !

With Japanese Quince in Erin pot
With Japanese Quince in Erin pot

You may be starting to realise that I like Erin pots. The pots above were both purchased as accent pots at very reasonable prices

Sunday 13 November 2011

New oak ji ita boards with accent plants

I finished another set of burred oak ji ita boards today

I'm particularly pleased with the smaller ji ita with the irregular textured detail


 Size: 180mm x 155mm x 6mm

Size: 102mm x 89mm x 6mm

The sedum plant in this accent looks great but is a nightmare for self setting.

This deciduous fern is one I picked up from Japan in 2010. I split it last year and both halves lived on....unlike some of my bonsai 


Please e mail me at if you are interested in buying this stand or any of the other stands shown on the site.

Oak root stand (ne taku) 

REF: BBS 13/11/11


Width 175mm
Depth 125mm
Height   18mm

This item will also be for sale on E bay.

Wednesday 9 November 2011


Please e mail me at if you are interested in buying this stand or any of the other stands shown on the site.

3 piece ji ita board set (Poplar wood)

REF: BBS 9/11/11

Largest board 175mm x 155mm x 5mm
Middle board 127mm x 112mm x 5mm
Small board 100mm x 87mm x 5mm

All sizes are approximate

Monday 7 November 2011

Pots by Bunzan

I recently purchased a new pot by the Japanese potter Bunzan.
This is the second of his pots that I own, I really like his work and the quirky glazing that he does works really well with deciduous trees, especially flowering and fruiting varieties.
Anyhoo enough of the babbling here are the pictures...

Diameter at top 167mm
Height                    55mm

Length at top 140mm
Width at top   117mm
Height              48mm

The bottom of the pot is stamped but isn't showing due to the glare of the camera flash.

I'll be planting these two pots up in the spring, I have a small oriental bittersweet that I'm going to try in the oval pot. I've not yet decided what to put in the circular pot.