Saturday 21 February 2015

Bespoke Bonsai Stands in use at Noelanders trophy 2015

Andy Jordan has kindly allowed me to use some pictures he took of his shohin display at the Noelanders Trophy 2015.
Unfortunately photography by the general public at said event is not allowed anymore so I can't show you any more pictures from the weekend....pity.

Anyhoo without further ado here are the pics that Andy took of his display, he had commissioned a ji ita and also used a ne taku that he had purchased from me previously.

Andy's display set up for the "official photograph" that will appear in the commemorative book.

I think this is a great display with good use of direction, seasonality, differing pot shapes and colours
Mr Jordan proudly poses with his display in the show hall
Juniper on root stand sits on the Maple ji ita board that Andy commissioned
Sekka Hinoki sits on Mahogany ne taku
Andy's display as seen in the show hall.

Thanks again to Andy for allowing me to use your pictures and for putting my stands to great use in your lovely display.