Sunday 26 August 2012

New items for sale

I've just added a few pieces to the "Items for Sale" page

A few accent plants

I've just finished carving some new stands, so whilst I wait for the buzzing in my fingers to stop I thought I'd take the opportunity to photograph some of my accent plants that are looking half decent.

I'm not great on plant names so I'll give a name where I know it and otherwise you can fill in the gaps yourselves.

Fern in Erin pot
This is a fern I picked up in Japan, it's used a lot in accents over there, the foliage colours up nicely over the winter.
The pot is by Walsall ceramics.
 You just can't kill this stuff !
On a larger ji ita
Another Walsall pot with a thing with yellow flowers !
 The succulent has self set in just about every bonsai pot in my garden
Love this one, fern, moss and ?
Another Walsall pot plant one bloody violet and it takes over the whole garden.
Nice little Dansai pot
 Rhodo....spazzymaquodi in a John Pitt pot
 Different ji ita
Blood grass in Erin pot

I had a mental block on how to put the flash on automatic until the last few pictures, hence some with and some without flash, no arty farty ambience intended !