Monday 24 February 2014

Swindon Winter Image show February 2014

Myself and Peter Tombs, representing the Ashfield massive, travelled down to Swindon yesterday for the annual Swindon Winter Image show
Congratulations to the organisers of the show, another excellent, well executed show.
It was great to catch up with all our bonsai friends and make new friends.
Here are some pictures from the event, the first few show Bespoke Bonsai Stands in use at the show.
The others are trees or accents that took my eye.

 Black Pine on Bespoke Bonsai Stands root stand
Spindle ? on burr Elm ji ita
Chojubai on English Oak ne taku
Accent on Maple ji ita
Oriental Bittersweet in Koyo pot on Bespoke Bonsai Stands root stand, winner of best pot/tree combination
Korean Hornbeam ? on Maple ji ita
Close up of edge detail
Chinese Elm on Mahogany ne taku
Ezo Spruce
Deadwood detail on Ezo Spruce
White Pine
Korean Hornbeam
Itoigawa Juniper
Japanese Holly, Ilex Serrata
Lovely scroll and excellent ramification on a Trident Maple
Beautiful accent planting
Mondo grass accent in a funky pot
Wonderfully ramified Chinese Elm
Chinese Elm, Zelkova or Korean Hornbeam ? Lovely whatever it was.
John Armitage carried out 2 rock planting demonstrations using shohin junipers, thoroughly entertaining with excellent advice freely given.....and he sold both of the buggers before I got a sniff !!
John's first planting completed