Monday, 27 May 2013

Playing with my new camera and more stands added to the "items for sale" page.

My Potentilla looked particularly vibrant today so I thought I'd have a play with my new camera.........and failed miserably.
I'm off to give the missus a telling off for not, (somehow knowing yesterday that I would suddenly decide to take some photographs), ironing the black cloth that I found by chance and used as a backdrop for my piccies.
Also all of the pictures I took of the Potentilla, apart from 1 overhead shot, washed out the yellow of the fllowers.......back to the drawing board......or possibly read the instruction book......after I've printed if off the CD that it's on......why do they do that to you ? it's a conspiracy.

However apart from the yellow flowers not looking great I got some decent pictures of my Boston Ivy & Persimmon, a couple of accents and some recent additions to the pot collection.
Have you guessed that this is all subliminal advertising to get you to buy the stands that everything is displayed on in these pictures...........must buy a Bespoke Bonsai stand.......must buy a Bespoke Bonsai stand.

I've also noticed that the majority of my shohin flow from right to left........bugger, bugger, bugger.......need to buy more trees

As usual please don't ask what the accent plants are......whilst I enjoy looking at each of them as they strut their particular funky stuff at the relevant time of year, their names do not enrich my life at all.

Potentilla on root stand on Maple ji ita (both items for sale) showing "washed out" flowers.
I love the glaze on this Erin pot.
Sincere apologies about the crease's in the backdrop, I did see them and thought they just might magically disappear in the photographs.
Overhead view of the lovely yellow flowers.
Accent planting, also showing edge detail of the maple ji ita board.
Boston Ivy in an Ozzy Osbourne pot.....titter ye not
Persimmon in a "groovy" Koyo pot displayed on burr Elm root stand (ne taku).....can you feel it ?
Boston Ivy on burr Elm ne taku.
Accent plant in a Mr Pitt pot.
Koyo pot, awesome glaze.

Koyo pot, awesome you begin to get the picture
I am a creature of habit.....
Trees right to left,
Koyo pot's,
Lamb shish kebabs

Sunday, 19 May 2013

British Shohin Association workshop day

I had a great day yesterday taking part in a workshop organised by the British shohin association.
Peter Warren and John Armitage were press ganged into running the workshop which entailed a discussion on how to grow and maintain junipers in our UK climate.
Peter and John then helped the workshop attendees with advice on styling and maintenance of trees they had bought along to the workshop.
Many thanks to Peter, John and Graham Walker of the BSA who organised the day.
John Armitage bought along several junipers from his collection which he used to set up an impressive display for us to drool over.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the workshop but here are some pictures of the junipers John Armitage bought along with him.
Tissues at the ready people........

John Armitage working on an Itoigawa juniper.
John has studied at Taisho-en nursery in Japan several times over the last few years and has a great understanding of how to develop and display shohin bonsai in the UK.
I would highly recommend taking the time to book a private or club workshop with John if you are interested in taking your shohin bonsai to another level.
John's Junipers....if you look closely you'll see some of my stands used for the display.....happy days !

Saturday, 4 May 2013

New display stands added to the "Items for sale" page

I'm pleased to be able to offer these bonsai stands for sale in the UK and Europe.
These stands are very popular in the Japanese bonsai fraternity and have been sold in Japan for many years.
The craftsman who makes these stands lives in a small town in Eastern China and has been making the stands to Japanese requested designs since the late 1980's.

I have shown pictures of the stands with bonsai trees on as you can't beat seeing the items in use to get a feel for scale and overall aesthetic

The sizes and price for each item are shown on the "Items for sale" page.

Please e mail me at "bespokebonsaistands&" if you have any questions about these stands or any others you may be interested in.
As with any natural, hand made product, colours and sizes may vary slightly

Very nice, decent quality stands at a reasonable price, as I hope you will agree.......can you feel it ?

My apologies for the Zelkova.......a few more years.....and a lot more twigs required.....