Monday 22 September 2014

Kokedama display on Mahogany ne taku

Juun Huisman kindly sent me a picture this week of his Kokedama displayed on a ne taku that I made.
Juun won the ne taku in a competition organised by the Belgian Bonsaicafe website.

This picture is of a new display that Juun has entered for the competition this year.
It is a kokedama with cyclamen hederiflorum and Ophiopogon planiscapus Niger.

Thank you for the picture Juun and good luck in the competition.

Sunday 14 September 2014

Slinky burr Elm ji ita's for sale

I managed to get hold of some proper burr elm recently and I've turned out these slinky little ji ita's.
Ideal for displaying your accent plants on, or the bigger boards will also take a shohin tree, or bronze figurines...whatever floats your boat.

Burr Elm ji ita
200mm x 175mm x 6mm
£40 + postage

Burr Elm ji ita
170mm x 150mm x 6mm
£30 + postage
Burr Elm ji ita
125mm x 110mm x 5mm
£20 + postage
Burr Elm ji ita
150mm x 120mm x 6mm
£25 + postage
Burr Elm ji ita
120mm x 105mm x 8mm
£20 + postage
Burr Elm ji ita
170mm x 150mm x 7mm (at widest points)
£20 + postage

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