Monday, 25 March 2013

Bespoke Bonsai Stands in displays at Shohin UK 2013

It was very gratifying to see stands that I have made, in use in various displays at the Shohin UK event over the weekend.
Here are some of  the pictures I took, I'll be adding a few shots to the gallery as well.
My apologies if I duplicate any pictures shown previously.

Andy Jordan's spindle on maple ji ita

Andy Jordan's acer palmatum on mahogany root stand
My moss accent on a walnut ji ita
Ian Stewardson's caragana on burr elm root stand

My white pine on mahogany root stand
Beryl Thorpe's star jasmine on iroka root stand
Duncan Hield's Chinese quince on English oak root stand
My chojubai on maple ji ita

Malcolm & Kath Hugh's itoigawa juniper on mahogany root stand
Malcom & Kath Hugh's accent on maple ji ita

Congratulations to the organisers Mark & Ritta Cooper and Bob Bailey along with their merry band of helpers.
An absolutely fantastic show with a great atmosphere and awesome displays of bonsai.

Shohin UK event, 2013

I travelled to Bristol yesterday to the Shohin UK event and what an excellent show it was.
Here are a few pictures of trees and accents used in the exhibition:

Andy Jordan's Acer
Tracey Morten's Juniper
John Armitage's Juniper
Fern accent
John Pitt's Trident maple
Ian Stewardson's Juniper
Andy Jordan's Spindle ?
Fern accent
Andy Jordan's Zelkova ?
My white pine
Les Storey's Blackthorn
Fern accent
Duncan Hield's Boston Ivy
Simon & Gill's black pine
John Armitage's chojubai on rock
Reg Bolton's scroll displayed with his chuhin root on rock trident maple composition. Reg's r/o/r trident is shown below