Monday 12 March 2012

British Shohin Association show at Willowbog

I've just had a fantastic weekend at Willowbog bonsai nursery taking part in the British Shohin Association show.
This show just gets better & better, the quality of the trees and displays were awesome.

I am happy to say that there were quite a few of my stands in use at the show, I've added some of the pictures below:

My favourite composition from the show, displayed by John Armitage on one of my sycamore ji ita boards

Peter Warrens fantastic, aged white pine, the bark was incredible. Displayed on a sycamore ji ita board.
Graham Walkers Korean Hornbeam on a mahogany ne taku
 Larch on a walnut ne taku
 My zelkova on a walnut ji ita
My white pine on a chinese root stand sat on one of my sycamore ji ita boards.
 Lovely accent on my elm ji ita
 Fiona's lovely accent on an oak mini ji ita
 One of Bob Baileys stunning mame on an Ash mini ne taku
 My potentilla on the newly finished elm root stand, sat on an oak ji ita
 My chuhin Hinoki on a burr oak ji ita, displayed with my potentilla (pictured above).
Peter Snart very kindly allowed me to peddle my wares over the weekend.
Sales went very well, many thanks to everyone that bought something, I hope that you'll enjoy using them in your displays.

Fiona Wallace's stunning winter flowering jasmine, a beautiful tree and part of Fionas award winning display.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I'll add more pictures of the trees on display later.


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