Sunday 6 January 2013

Getting new stands finished ready for this years shows

The beginning of each new bonsai year is always a busy time, preparing trees for exhibition and sourcing pots etc for repotting.
Added to that I'm trying to get enough stands ready for selling at the Noelanders Trophy in January, The Swindon Winter Image show in February and the Shohin UK exhibition in March.
Here are a few of the stands that are finished or nearly finished.

Iroko ne-taku (root stand)
135mm x 130mm x 45mm
Potentilla on Iroko root stand.
These types of root stand are ideal for varying the heights of shohin trees in displays and for improving the flow of compositions
Shishigashira Maple on rock on Iroko root stand
Sycamore ji ita 280mm x 225mm x 7mm
Zelkova on Sycamore ji ita

English Oak ne-taku (root stand)

Winter flowering Jasmine on English Oak root stand

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