Sunday 22 March 2015

Shohin UK II exhibition March 2015

Last weekend saw the 2nd Shohin UK exhibition at Failand in Bristol, organised by Mark and Ritta Cooper ably assisted by their band of helpers.
The standard of the trees and displays was excellent and there were a number of traders at the show selling all things shohin related.
There were quite a few Bespoke Bonsai Stands in use at the show, here are some pictures of those stands.

Black Pine on Rosewood Cascade stand on Oak ji ita
Chojubai on root stand (ne taku)

Itoigawa Juniper on Walnut root stand 

Ibota (Privet) on Ebony shohin stand

Itoigawa on Maple ji ita
Itoigawa Juniper on Oak ji ita

Rose on Ebony shohin stand
Bronze on burr Elm ji ita
Accent on Oak ji ita
Accent on Maple ji ita
White Pine on Sycamore ji ita
Winter flowering Jasmine on Rosewood cascade stand on Maple ji ita
Zelkova on Rosewood shohin stand
Bronze on burr Elm ji ita
Accent on driftwood ji ita
Sekka Hinoki on Mahogany root stand (ne taku)

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