Sunday 17 February 2013

A few more items ready for upcoming shows

Being the eager little beaver that I am, here are a few more stands that I've been working on for upcoming shows.

Maple ji ita board 595mm x 220mm x 7mm
There is a lovely ripple in the grain of this ji ita, almost like viewing a hologram
Close up of the "bark effect" edge detail and you can make out the ripples mentioned above
English Oak ne taku (root stand)
165mm x 140mm x 22mm
Grain effect border added for interest
Iroko ne taku 125mm diameter top x 43mm height
I've carved this stand with more "root detail" to exaggerate the flow of the composition
English Elm root stand (ne taku)
320mm x 270mm x 23mm
English Elm has such a great grain feature to it
Close up of the edge detail


  1. Looking good buddy, are you at Swindon?

  2. Hi mate, good to hear from you.
    Yes I'll be at Swindon, we're displaying a few trees from Ashfield Bonsai Club, so I'll be knocking around for the day.
    We've decided not to stay over on the Saturday night this year, the Jagermeister and Slippery Nipples were just too much last year !
    See you there bud