Monday 25 February 2013

Swindon Winter Image Show 2013

I spent an enjoyable day down in Swindon yesterday.......yes you can have an enjoyable day in's the day they have the Swindon Winter Image bonsai exhibition !

Here are a few pictures of stands I've made, (in use at the exhibition), and a few other pictures of Ashfield Bonsai Club trees on display and other trees/accents that I liked.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of some of the pictures, the sodium lighting at the venue is a pig and editing the pictures doesn't help much either.

John Armitage's chojubai on a low cherry root stand

John Armitage's ligustrum (I think) on a burr elm ji ita

John Armitage's painfully awesome itoigawa juniper on a mahogany root stand

 My chojubai on an American black walnut root stand

Kath & Malcolm Hugh's lovely bronze dragon on mahogany ne taku (root stand)
I'm glad I finally got to see these items used together and get a picture
Fern and moss accent in an old "Dansai" pot, sit's on a simple black poplar ji ita
 John Pitt's lovely ezo spruce on rock
John Armitage's chojubai on rock
 Mike Rose's  deshojo maple, (Ashfield Bonsai Club)
 My Ilex Serrata, Japanese winterberry/holly, (Ashfield Bonsai Club)
John Pitt's English yew, (Ashfield Bonsai Club)
John Pitt's English elm, (Ashfield Bonsai Club)
 A close up of John A's itoigawa juniper......."aaaaah Bisto"
Lovely accent on the Wirral stand, a prelude to the coming month, mad March hare's
 Mark & Ritta Cooper's trident maple
Gerry Wheeler's fantastic blackthorn
Mark & Ritta Cooper's awesome trident maple on rock

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