Monday 10 March 2014

British Shohin Association show 2014

This last weekend saw the BSA show at Willowbog Bonsai nursery.
Lots of excellent displays, critiques, workshops and demonstrations by Valentin Brose who apprenticed at Shunka en in Japan.
Anyhoo a cracking weekend was had and lots of Bespoke Bonsai stands in use.
These first few pictures are of Bespoke Bonsai Stands in displays.

Ian Stewardson's Chojubai on Rosewood shohin table
Mark & Ritta Cooper's Juniper on Maple ji ita
Edge detail of Maple ji ita
Simon Richardson's black pine on Rosewood cascade stand and Japanese Maple on Rosewood shohin table
Andy Hardman's Juniper on Cherry ne taku (root stand)
John Armitage's red pine on Blackwood ne taku
Fiona Wallace's white pine sits on a Rosewood cascade stand itself sitting on a Maple ji ita
My Elaeagnus on English Oak ne taku

My Chojubai on Maple ji ita board
Ian Stewardsons Chojubai accent plant sits on a Blackwood ne taku
Peter Warren's Rose on Burr Elm ne taku
John Armitage's Juniper on Burr Oak ji ita board

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