Tuesday 11 March 2014

My trees displayed at the BSA show

I had taken 6 trees along to the BSA show this year, 3 were used in collaborative displays with John Pitt and Peter Tombs from Ashfield Bonsai Club, 2 were used for my own 3 point display and the final tree was shown in the work in progress section.

Birds eye view of my Chojubai
My own 3 point display, Black pine with Chojubai and moss accent.
Black pine
Chojubai in Bunzan pot
Elaeagnus with ripening fruits
Lovely Koyo pot,
My collaborative display with Peter Tombs.
Peter's Itoigawa Juniper and flowering accent.
My Zelkova and Elaeagnus.

Winner of best small display
My Zelkova in broom style, in a sexy sea cucumber (namako) glaze pot (please note that no sea cucumbers were harmed in the making of this pot)
My collaborative display with John Pitt

John's powerful Chinese Elm, received a nomination.

My Oriental Bittersweet, received a nomination for tree & pot combination.

Oriental Bittersweet
Aaaah Bisto
My Cotoneaster its orgasmatronic new Koyo pot, unfortunately new equals shiny ! Pots always look better after they have aged for a while and gained some patina.
Oooooh mother, check out the glaze !

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